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Trash Collection
Gardnerville Health & Sanitation
1407 Highway 395 N
Gardnerville, NV 89410
775-782-7134 Phone
775-782-7135 Fax

Customers have the ability to look up their account balance online and pay all in the same location.  If you would like to set up automatic payment, please call the town office.  We hope these new features will save time for everyone.  If you choose to pay by debit or credit online or in the office, there is a convenience fee.  When you click to pay your bill those charges will automatically be assessed.  If you decide you do not want to pay the fee just cancel the transaction.  Please call the town office for your password to access online lookup or if you have any questions. 

If you choose autopay,please fill out form for automatic payment withdrawal.
Autopay Authorization

Town of Gardnerville Fee Disclosure
Point-of-Sale Transaction Fees are assessed for Credit Card, Debit Card & ACH Payments in all channels where we accept payments (i.e., face to face, mail, telephone and internet environments).

We assess a transaction fee of 2.19% + 0.19 on Credit Card payments
We assess a transaction fee of .28% + 0.25 on Debit Card payments

Town survey has closed.

Residential Trash
The Town of Gardnerville provides the refuse service for residents within the boundary of the town of Gardnerville. Residential trash is picked up on Wednesday and Thursday. The downtown area, Sunset Park, Carson Valley Estates, Arbor Gardens and Stodick Estates are all picked up on Wednesday. Chichester, the Ranch at Gardnerville and Kingslane are picked up on Thursday.

The residential rate for trash service is $58.00/qtr.
2nd can service is $15.00/qtr
You can rent cleanup dumpsters at the rate of $25/per pickup

Greenwaste (lawn clippings, weeds, leaves, and small branches) is collected for the entire town on Tuesday. Trash and green waste must be out by 5:30 am the day of pickup or the night before. 

Trash cans should be placed six feet from any obstacles and it is recommended to have trash cans at least 1.5 feet from another trash can.  (Diagram of can placement)  Please bag your trash. You will reduce the occurrence of littering as the material is transferred from your can to the truck. Also, keep your cans clean. This will discourage disturbance by animals. 

Trash and Greenwaste is picked up on all holidays (except Christmas)..

Commercial Trash
The Town of Gardnerville picks up commercial trash every weekday, including holidays (except Christmas). Please call for rates and services.

Hazardous Waste
For disposal of hazardous waste, call Douglas Disposal at (775) 782-5713.

The following is a sample list of items designated as hazardous waste. Do not put these or similar items into your regular trash.
  • Aerosol cans, household chemicals and cleaners, lighter fluid
  • Anything that is combustible, flammable, corrosive or toxic
  • Fluorescent tubes, bulbs, PCBs, ballasts
  • Freon cylinders, propane cylinders
  • Herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers
  • Oil, antifreeze, gas, brake fluid, transmission fluid, batteries
  • Paints, solvents, stains, thinner
Spring Cleanup
May 9 & 10 on your regular trash day.  Please keep extra bags or boxes three feet away from trash cans.  

Cleanup Week Extra Trash Policy  - Please read the Cleanup week extra trash policy for details on what will or will not be accepted.  Extra Trash Policy

Limb Pickup -  May 16 or 17 on your regular trash day.  Limbs need to be bundled with rope and the bundles must be no larger than three feet around and four feet high.

The greenwaste service is suspended from January through March each year.  We begin picking up greenwaste the first Tuesday in April.
Extra Greenwaste Days - .April 3 & 17 and May 8 & 22, 2018   To take advantage of these extra greenwaste days please pick up the orange greenwaste trash bags at the town office.